In-Frame Kitchens

Elevate your home with our timeless range of in-frame kitchens drawing inspiration from days gone by…

What is an In-Frame Kitchen?

Renowned for elegant looks and excellent quality, in-frame kitchens are popular for those looking for a long-lasting kitchen. Within this kitchen, the cabinet door or drawers sit within a frame attached to the front of the carcass, which strengthens the cabinets and adds sophisticated details to the design. As modern hinges were unavailable, much of the furniture produced before the 20th century was constructed this way. Today, in-frame designs still utilise age-old carpentry techniques, adding to their timeless appeal.

Contemporary Green Kitchen

Discover In-Frame Kitchens with Jikoni

Before fitted kitchens arrived, most designs consisted of several cabinets and dressers, typically crafted by a skilled cabinetmaker in the traditional in-frame style. However, advancements in technology brought about more options. Popular again for their timeless appeal, in-frame kitchens are also exceptionally durable and long-lasting. Our range is full of quality and charm and will establish an appealing centrepiece in the heart of your home.

Designing Your In-Frame Kitchen

Our charming collection of in-frame kitchens is characterised by sophisticated detailing and timeless looks. We appreciate that everyone's tastes and needs are different, and our designs offer the flexibility to evoke either a modern or traditional ambience in your home. Embrace the contemporary with a bright colour palette, white worktops, and contemporary metallic accents. If you are seeking something more traditional, warm neutrals and rich materials are ideal for the country kitchen aesthetic.

The Jikoni team will listen to your preferences and ensure that you discover the perfect interior to complement your lifestyle and preferences. If you're considering creating a stunning in-frame kitchen, our knowledgeable team is happy to help turn your vision into reality.


Our Elegant and Functional Modern Kitchens

Jikoni Interior's beautiful in-frame kitchens are crafted and constructed to meet precise standards. Inspired by traditional kitchen designs, they are handcrafted using age-old carpentry techniques passed down by cabinetmakers through centuries. Unlike other designs, these kitchens feature doors and drawers encased within a wooden frame, providing a robust structure to the unit while adding a striking design element.

Combining durability with charming aesthetics, our in-frame kitchens offer something special. Rooted in designs that adorned some of England's earliest kitchens, an in-frame kitchen is guaranteed to withstand the test of time. With different colours, materials, and finishes available, they are an exceptional choice.


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