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Discover Quooker Taps

Complete your project with the ideal culinary addition. As proud Quooker specialist partners, we've curated a collection of elegant Quooker taps to add style and functionality to your kitchen.


Why Choose Quooker Taps?

Instant boiling water for tea, coffee, cooking, and sterilising.

Speeds up cooking and preparation.

More energy-efficient than traditional kettles.

Childproof handles and insulated spouts for safety.

Reduces need for plastic bottles and disposable kettles, promoting sustainability.

How Will Quooker Taps Integrate With My Design?

Available in various designs and finishes, including stainless steel, chrome, black, gold, and more, you can match Quooker taps to your kitchen's design, and they add a sleek, modern aesthetic to any kitchen, enhancing its overall look. By combining boiling water, hot water, and cold water functions into one tap, you save on counter and storage space, reducing the clutter in your kitchen.

Quooker Fusion Tap
quooker tap flex

Quooker Flex

With a flexible pull-out hose and a 360° rotatable spout with boiling, hot, and cold water, the tap's reach and flexibility increase, making it easier to fill pots, clean sinks, and wash vegetables.

Quooker Fusion Tap

Quooker Fusion

A single-tap design with boiling, hot, and cold water, with some models offering chilled and sparkling water. This tap combines the functionality of a mixer tap and a boiling water tap in one sleek design, reducing the need for multiple taps.

Quooker Classic Fusion

A classic design with a timeless look. It provides boiling, hot, and cold water, with some models offering chilled and sparkling water. Fusion is ideal for traditional kitchen styles, offering modern functionality with a vintage aesthetic.

Classic Quooker Tap

Quooker Nordic Single Tap

The Quooker Nordic Tap offers an elegant solution for those needing a dedicated boiling water tap while keeping their existing mixer tap. It provides instant boiling water, ideal for making tea, cooking, or other hot water tasks. The tap enhances kitchen convenience with quick access to boiling water and its sleek design integrates seamlessly with a range of kitchen styles, making it a versatile and valuable addition to modern kitchens.

Nordic Single Quooker Tap
Nordic Round Twintaps

Quooker Nordic Twintaps

A matching set of mixer taps, and boiling water taps with boiling, hot, and cold water. They have a coordinated look with separate taps for boiling and mixed water, maintaining symmetry and style in the kitchen.

Take The Next Step

By selecting the right model, you can enhance the functionality and style of your kitchen, tailoring it to your specific needs and preferences. Visit our Northampton showroom to view our collection of Quooker taps.

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