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The ultimate in luxury, elegance and sophistication, our timeless traditional kitchens will be the welcoming heart of your home.

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What Defines a Traditional Kitchen Design?

Traditional kitchen designs are steeped in heritage and craftsmanship, using real wood finishes, and often painted with pale hues such as grey white or cream. They are renowned for their attention to detail and feature ornate cabinetry and framed fronts, such as shaker-style cabinets, offering a simple, modern style blending with the traditional look through using wood and classic framing.

Timeless and Elegant Traditional Kitchens

Welcoming and timeless, Jikoni Interiors' traditional kitchens will bring luxury and charm to your home. With an immaculate range of styles and finishes to choose from, our traditional kitchens can be perfectly tailored to create a truly breathtaking interior. Every one of our traditional kitchens is carefully crafted to the utmost standards, ensuring timeless elegance and promising durability for years to come.

Our traditional interiors draw inspiration from the enduring shaker kitchen style, reflecting over 200 years of timeless appeal. Renowned for gracefully understated iconic framed designs and unparalleled durability, the shaker kitchen remains a symbol of enduring quality. We also have a sublime range of in-frame style kitchens, which stand as the epitome of sophistication.

Bespoke Kitchens
Bespoke Kitchens

The Ultimate Finishing Touches

At Jikoni Interiors, our creative design team are expert in crafting unique bespoke interiors. Their focus on detail guarantees that every finishing flourish is carefully chosen, resulting in a traditional kitchen that is perfect in every aspect.

From significant choices like selecting worktops and appliances to the minutest details such as handles and lighting, our designers collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Our professional furniture painters will also paint any bespoke hand-crafted kitchens in your home after installation. This allows you to make informed choices on the final colour, taking into consideration the final flooring, wall colours, lighting, and worktops.

Fusing Timeless Elegance with Contemporary Functionality

At Jikoni Interiors, traditional aesthetics don't equate to outdated styles. Instead, our traditional kitchens blend timeless looks with cutting-edge design advancements to create stunningly practical solutions for contemporary lifestyles.

Within our traditional kitchens, you'll discover an array of clever functional features, including inventive storage solutions and statement lighting designs. We also provide a selection of top-of-the-line appliances from renowned industry brands such as Neff, Quooker and Elica. Click the button below to explore our traditional range further…

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Classic Looks Meet Modern Functionality

Classic doesn’t mean old-fashioned, and it certainly doesn’t mean boring. Our traditional kitchens combine timeless heritage looks with the latest design innovations to create beautiful and practical solutions for modern living.

Our gorgeous traditional kitchens feature a host of inspired functional options, including clever storage solutions and stylish lighting designs. We also offer a range of state-of-the-art appliances from the industry’s leading brands. Please click the button below to learn more…

Discover Your Elegant Traditional Kitchen

Our dedicated team is available to help you uncover your ideal traditional kitchen. We take great pride in offering a seamless and stress-free service. Embark on the next phase of your kitchen design journey with Jikoni Interior by clicking below to schedule an appointment...

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