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Jikoni Interiors can help you create the modern bathroom of your dreams. With a wide selection of colours, materials and finishes, we can make your bathroom the perfect place to relax and recuperate…

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Defining a Modern Bathroom

Modern bathroom styles are minimalistic, sleek, and elegant, incorporating neutral and minimal colours, geometric shapes, and clean lines. Materials such as brass, wood, mahogany, and metal are all commonly used and often feature furniture with metal accents and clean lines. Modern designs suit all shapes and sizes and can turn your bathroom into an uncluttered sanctuary for relaxation.


Designing Your Modern Bathroom

Bathrooms are an essential part of our routines, and we can transform yours into a contemporary and luxurious place to relax and take time for yourself. A new modern bathroom will give you a great start in the morning and offer a peaceful sanctuary to unwind.

The design team at Jikoni Interiors are on hand to transform your bathroom. They will collaborate closely with you to understand your style and tastes and craft a modern design that suits you and your home. We supply and install exceptional, high-quality modern bathrooms that take your budget into account. If you’d like to experience our modern bathroom collection and explore your ideas with our professional team, visit our Northampton showroom.

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Clever Contemporary Designs

Exceptional design is about more than aesthetics. The style of your bathroom is important, but it should also seamlessly integrate with your daily routine. Our modern designs look striking, but their sleek layout enhanced by cutting-edge technology, also facilitates effortless maintenance, making your bathroom easier and quicker to clean.

We engage in detailed discussions about your bathroom routines, noting your preferences and requirements. This enables us to incorporate clever design solutions, ensuring generous storage, convenient power access, and optimal space utilisation. Tailored with your needs in mind, our modern bathroom collection features a wealth of innovative options and space-saving designs.

A Stylish Selection of Modern Bathrooms

Jikoni Interiors offers a wide selection of the highest-quality contemporary bathroom products. Our stunning collection is perfect for all interiors, no matter how big or small. From elegant sinks to contemporary bathtubs, our range offers everything you need to create a stunning modern bathroom that will deliver beauty and functionality for years.

The expert team at Jikoni Interiors guide you through every step and will talk you through our collection, discussing the options you’re considering in depth. Once you’re satisfied with your finished design, we take care of all the planning to ensure your project runs smoothly before handing it over to our skilled tradespeople to complete your bathroom installation.


Sleek Modular Range

The modern range includes our modular bathrooms, a popular option for those seeking efficiency, sustainability, and affordability. They blend elegance and practicality and are crafted to complement any space and design preference.

Start a Contemporary Journey with Jikoni

Explore how we can help with your modern bathroom project by booking a free design appointment.

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