Jikoni Interiors -General Terms & Conditions

A customer’s order is firm and cannot be cancelled, no refunds will be made of any deposits paid.

Plans & Drawings
All plans and drawings are made in good faith and aim to achieve the best solutions for the design of the kitchen/applicable room. The Customer should ensure that all plans and drawings provided by the Company are fully understood and meet their requirements. All plans and drawings remain the property of the Company and are provided to the Customer at the Company’s discretion.

Any changes to site dimensions should be notified to the Company immediately in writing by the Customer. Any consequent amendments made to the order may incur additional charges.

Standard Furniture
The Company supplies an extensive range of standard size furniture which should satisfy most requirements made by the Customer. A detailed specification will be made to the Customer for final approval before any furniture is ordered. It is the Customers responsibility to ensure this specification is accurate and meets their requirements as no refunds will be given for incorrect furniture.

Bespoke/Non-Standard Furniture
In certain circumstances, special order furniture may be required for areas that do not suit standard size furniture. The price for these items is reflected in their complexity to manufacture. It is the Customers responsibility to check that any bespoke design meets their requirements. Any bespoke/non-standard furniture that is incorrect, is not refundable.

Estimates, Quotations, Prices, Discounts & Invoicing.
Verbal Estimates
Any verbal estimates given by the Company must be taken as an approximation. All final estimates and delivery dates will be confirmed in writing by the Company.

Acceptance of the Quotation.
It is the Customer responsibility to ensure any quotations given meet their requirements and include all furniture, appliances, worktops, fitting, painting, accessories and delivery. Any mistakes/missing items should be notified immediately before confirmation of the order is given.

Prices given by the Company may change at any time and will always be supplied to the customer in writing.

All and any discounts given by the Company will apply during the time stated, or if not stated, for a maximum of 30 days from the original date of quotation. All discounts are given at the Company's discretion.

Errors & Omissions Excepted.
All quotations given by the Company to the Customer will state E&OE (errors and omissions excepted). All E&O of a genuine nature must be allowed for and if the Company finds that an item of furniture, appliance etc has been missed from a Customer quotation, it reserves the right to charge for this missing item.

A pro forma invoice will be issued to the Customer once a delivery date has been finalized between the Company and Customer. The balance for goods and services will be due prior to delivery, no exceptions allowed. Once full payment has been received, the Company will issue a tax invoice.

Payment Terms
All payments must be received in full by the Company before the delivery or collection of goods/services.

A deposit secures the price quoted with E&OE. It does not guarantee delivery dates. All deposits are non-refundable.

Balance of Payment.
Deliveries will only take place once payment has been received in full, with cleared funds, for all goods and services.

Methods of Payment.
• BACS/telegraphic transfer
Direct to the Company’s bank, also known as Direct Money Transfer.
• Credit/Debit cards
Transactions by card can be made over the phone or in the showroom, all payments must be cleared 7-10 days before delivery. The Company accepts all except American Express.
• Personal/Company Cheque
Payment by personal or company cheque should be received by the Company 14 working days prior to the confirmed delivery dates.

Delay in Payment.
If for any reason the Customer is unable to make payment in full, the Company reserves the right to withhold goods and delay delivery.

Under no circumstances, does the Company allow retainers.

All goods remain the property of the Company until payment is received in full.

With regards to delivery and fitting dates, the Company will always try to accommodate the Customers preferences, but this will not always be possible. A provisional delivery date can only be given after all the final details of your order have been confirmed.

Workshop Completion Dates/Delivery Dates.
The manufacture of furniture supplied is not in the Company's control, so all provisional confirmed completion and delivery dates are given as a guide only. No furniture will be manufactured, nor any goods or services booked until the 50% deposit has been paid in full and all details confirmed in respect of your order. All furniture supplied by Jikoni Interiors has varying lead times of manufacture – please ask for the current estimated lead time.

Delays to Deliveries by Jikoni Interiors.
The Company does not hold responsibility to any delayed deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances, beyond the Company's reasonable control. Revised delivery dates will be arranged directly between Company and Customer if this was to occur.

Delays to Deliveries/Fitting/Painting by the Customer.
In the event that any agreed delivery, fit or paint dates are delayed by the Customer there will an administration charge of £50 for the rescheduling of these services. There will be storage charges applied to any goods that cannot be delivered on the agreed delivery date of £20 per day.

Unloading on Delivery.
It is the Customers responsibility to inform the Company in advance of delivery, of any access issues to their property. Deliveries will be made in vans of up to 7.5 tonnes. Please notify the Company of any access issues, either to the property or within the property.

It is the Customers responsibility to inspect the furniture upon delivery and to inform the Company in writing of any damages noted. Once delivered, the Company cannot be held responsible for any damages caused whilst the furniture is being stored. Furniture and appliances will need to be stored in a large, clear, dry area upon delivery. Failure to provide said area may result in an aborted delivery for which the Customer will be charged.

Missing, Damaged or Incorrect Items.
It is the responsibility of the Customer to check all goods have been delivered and are inspected thoroughly and that any missing, damaged or incorrect items are notified to the Company immediately. Failure to do this within 3 days of delivery may result in additional charges for replacing missing, damaged or incorrect items.

Worktops - Timber & Granite.
As timber and granite are natural products, variations in colour, shade, grain, veining, figuring and lining may vary from piece to piece. This a natural occurrence and is not a manufacturing fault.

Returns & Refunds.
The Company does not except returns of any nature and no refunds will be given.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the site is dry, clean and clear for installation. Any existing furniture must have been removed and first fix gas and electric in place. Furniture cannot be installed where there is wet plaster, rendering, cement or concrete adjacent to the furniture. If for any reason the Company finds the site in an unsuitable condition at the time of delivery/installation, they may refuse to deliver or fit the kitchen. The Customer will be charged for failed delivery and cancellation of the fitter and may incur storage charges.

Access to Site.
The Company's fitter should be given exclusive access to the site, free of all other tradespeople to avoid interruption, delays or damages. It is strongly advised that delivery and fitting of the kitchen commences once all other build works have finished. This same applies to the painting of the kitchen.

Supply Only/Fitters Employed Directly by the Customer.
The Company will not hold responsibility to any damages made by either the Customer or fitters employed directly by the Customer. Any replacement items will be chargeable.

Flooring & Worktop Height
In any case where the final flooring has not been fitted prior to the installation of the furniture, the Company cannot be held responsible for the final worktop height. The same applies where the floor is not level.

Painting of Furniture.
For all hand painted furniture, the painting of the furniture will be the last job. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that all build works/tradespeople have finished on site prior to painting commencing and that the painter has exclusive access to the site. In the event that the Customer does not like the colour specified, and requires a re-paint, an additional charge will be made. This will be assessed on an individual basis.

Warranties & Liability
All goods supplied should be used as intended and in accordance with any instructions supplied. Damages caused by misuse or from general wear and tear will be assessed on an individual basis.

Appliance Warranties.
All appliances will come with a standard warranty. It is the Customers responsibility to ensure all appliances are registered upon installation and if extended warranties are required, this will be at the cost of the Customer. If a problem occurs with any appliance, it is the Customers responsibility to contact the appliance manufacturers service centre. The Company will assist were possible.

Furniture Warranties.
Jikoni Interiors supply all furniture with a twelve-month warranty which begins from the completion of fitting.

Staff Fidelity.
If a Customer requires any extra work to be carried out by the Company tradeperson (fitter or painter) then they must ask their designer, who will assist where possible. The Company will not accept liability for any private work carried out as agreed between Customer and Company craftsman.

Consequential Loss.
The Company will not accept responsibility for any consequential loss under any circumstances, such as lost time due to a delivery or installation being delayed, incorrect or postponed.