We truly believe kitchens should be the heart of your home and is a space that is celebrated and cherished for many years to come. Our aim at Jikoni Interiors is to create your dream kitchen. We want to build a kitchen that suits your lifestyle, family and individuality. Whether you opt for warm, woody tones with organic accents for family gatherings or a minimalist design for your fast-paced lifestyle.



At Jikoni Interiors we have a huge choice of stunning fitted kitchens to suit every taste, style and spend. Modular cabinets which incorporate built in appliances and storage solutions will be designed in a way that looks stunning and makes it a pleasure being in the space.



Jikoni Interiors wide range of gloss kitchens, in a variety of colours and patterns will ensure you achieve a modern, sleek look. Our range of gloss kitchens are very low maintenance and perfect for busy households. Combined with great lighting, gloss kitchens can add a different dimension to your home, reflecting light and giving an array of unique looks from whichever angle you stand.



Laminated and wrapped door kitchens are a great entry level proposition. Designed with our experience and guided by our experts they can look stunning and luxurious. These are perfect for first time projects or if you are a landlord or developer and want something that appeals but is well priced. They are are durable, require virtually no maintenance and are available in a range of finishes such as woodgrains, flat matte, and gloss, creating endless looks.



Wooden kitchens are timeless. The natural beauty of the material can add real character to your home. You can opt for materials such as Oak, Walnut and Ash amongst many others. Jikoni Interiors offer a wide selection, from handmade solid wood, to fitted wooden kitchens. All available in a variety of styles and finishes such as stained wood, veneered wood and painted wood.



There are various types of painted kitchens available from wrapped doors that are over-painted to give a high end finish all the way through to bespoke handmade, hand-painted kitchens.

Our professional furniture painters will hand paint any bespoke handmade kitchens in your home after installation. This allows you to make informed choices on the final colour, taking into consideration the final flooring, wall colours, lighting and worktops.

Spray painted wooden and high grade MDF board kitchen ranges are available with a specially selected palette of colour options, whilst some ranges have the option to paint in a custom colour.



Storage solutions are key to having a functional and efficient kitchen of your dreams. Clutter-free work surfaces with a whole range of internal storage options from drawer inserts for organising your cutlery and utensils. Jikoni Interiors has a wide range of storage options for you to choose from.



Jikoni Interiors can design and install completely bespoke, traditionally handmade English kitchens for you. Our handmade kitchen supplier has almost 40 years experience in manufacturing furniture using traditional cabinetry techniques and our team have decades of experience in designing and installing this type of furniture. Every one of our handmade kitchens is manufactured with expert joinery and craftmanship. They can also be manufactured in Tulip wood and then hand painted in any colour of your choice. One of the benefits of a handmade and hand painted kitchen is that they can be re-handled and re-painted. The quality of them, ensures that a bespoke, handmade kitchen from Jikoni Interiors will pay dividends and offer great value over the years.