How to Survive Without a Kitchen During Your Remodel

February 7th, 2022

We all know how difficult it can be to survive without a kitchen when you are in the process of renovating, where you are left without a sink, hob or workspace to prep food. The reality is, it’s all a part of saying goodbye to your old kitchen and opening the door to the kitchen of your dreams.

Tips to get you through

  1. Set up a small kitchen area to dine and a work surface such as your dining table, somewhere where you have access to sockets. Gather utensils, pots, chopping boards and bowls.
  2. Make sure you have access to a sink, either in a garage, utility or even the bathroom to do washing up and usage of water.
  3. Gather essential appliances such as a microwave, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, air fryer and slow cooker. Air fryers are great for reheating food, and healthy cooked meals. Slow cookers are another option where you just need access to a socket, You can have hot meals ready every day, another benefit of a slow cooker is that it could save you money on your energy bills.
Kitchens Remodel

4. Invest in a camp stove, a portable hob or portable cooking equipment, you can then use a camp stove for future camping trips after your renovation is complete.

  1. Disposable Tupperware, plates, cups, and utensils would be an option if you cannot wash up.
  2. Investing in a mini freestanding fridge to store essentials, is an option.
  3. If you are having your kitchen renovation in the summer, barbecues and outdoor grills are a great way to rustle up all kinds of foods.

8. On some days dining out or a cheeky takeaway can be an option.

9. It may be worth asking if your builder/fitter can leave the sink and hob in place as longs as possible – sometimes they may be able to build you a little workstation using your existing cabinets

10. Sometimes leaving home and renting a nearby place or booking a hotel if you can afford to, can be ideal if you are in need more space allowing the professionals to work efficiently in your home to give you your dream kitchen

11. There are some companies that set up a rent a kitchen caravan. please see link below that provide this service.

Temporary Kitchen Hire While Remodelling Your Home (temporarykitchenpod.co.uk)

12. If you have a long and extensive project and re-model – providing you have the space maybe look at hiring a portacabin

Ultimately there will always be disruption with any project like this but aim to keep it to a minimum by planning and following our tips where they are practical for you and have the mindset that you may have to suffer and give up your creature comforts for a time but ultimately it will all be worth it when you have your brand-new kitchen.

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