Pantry Larders & Larders

July 17th, 2020

With a rich heritage and distinctly British feel, the pantry has become something of an English kitchen icon.

A well-designed pantry larder can offer storage for a wide variety of products, from dried goods to fresh food, glassware and crockery, small appliances such as kettle, toasters and coffee machines. A piece of granite, quartz or wood as an internal worktop will add real prestige and luxury. The look can be enhanced and personalised further with a glass splashback which can be as understated or extravagant as you like.

Some choose to set a theme for their pantry or larder by either creating a counter-top breakfast cabinet, a drinks bar cabinet, a baker’s paradise or even a coffee station.

Door racks can be used to store spices, vinegars, oils, or food packets. Making use of every inch of space in pantry or larder including the doors will provide storage solutions as well as creating a beautiful feature for your kitchen. Choose from drawers, pull out basket storage, smaller drawers for items such as coffee pods, shelves, wine glass holders…the internal combinations are endless and can be completely unique to how you wish to use your pantry larder.

If your kitchen doesn’t have the space for a wide pantry larder, you can opt for a slimmer, shelved or pull out larder that vary between 300mm wide to 600mm wide. The internal options can be simply shelved, a combination of shelves and drawers or with a complete pull out system for ease of access.

Larders and pantry larders are a perfect storage solution for modern living as they don’t require the space for an additional room but can still provide sufficient storage for even the largest family. A single tall larder can hold as much as up to 6 wall cupboards worth, so if you are wanting to keep your kitchen look minimal, this is the perfect solution.
Pantry larders can be integrated into a kitchen design creating a grand and elegant look or even be positioned to look like freestanding pieces of furniture. They can be a feature piece of any kitchen and home and with the endless customisation options available from storage to materials, styles, colour, glass doors, internal lighting and themes, every pantry can be a unique reflection of your personality and passions.