How to Create a Well-Designed Home Office

October 2nd, 2020


Certain colours can stimulate the way the brain functions, studies have shown that painting a room (for example the office) in shades of green can boost creativity and energy, whereas shades of cream and off-white can ease stress and keep the mind refreshed. Adding a splash of colour can make the room pop so consider going for a brightly coloured office chair, painting on the wall or an ornamental sculpture can add the personal touch to your office.


Soft lighting works well in home offices so consider changing your light switches to dimmers that can be adjusted to your own focus levels, as most time is spent looking at the monitor or smart devices. Dimmer lights are also a cost-effective way of keeping electricity energy bills down and doing your bit for the environment. Smart lighting that is programmed through an Alexa enabled device and then connected to the light can be controlled by voice or apps on your phone or tablet.


Using pop sockets not only hides away wires and plugs but also creates the illusion of a clutter free working area. Wireless chargers are a new innovative way of charging compatible smartphones and tablets, fitted to the underside of the desk, they are hidden out of sight and negate the need for trailing wires. Some wireless charging units also come complete with speakers so you can play your favourite music (via Bluetooth) whilst you work. Choose sockets with USB connections too so you don’t spend time hunting around for the correct convertor plug!


Maximise space by investing in built in storage units, creating an area for all personal documents and files that be shut away at the end of the working day. Ideal for when your working area might also be situated in communal areas of the house such as the lounge or kitchen/dining room. Floating shelves are a popular choice for creating modern storage solutions for all your folders, books and files. Adding plants, ornaments and other small personal effects can help create a happier atmosphere to work and concentrate.

By The Jikoni Interiors Team