How to Choose Colours for Bedrooms

October 2nd, 2020

The trend for different colours in bedrooms is ever increasing, with the traditional matching bedroom sets of wardrobes, bedside cabinets, chests of drawers and a bed all in the same colour and all made of the same material now falling away.

Furniture in the bedroom can now be more unique with individual pieces reflecting your tastes and personality. The beauty of having individual pieces in your bedroom is that it can be an evolving work in progress room where you can add pieces of furniture at different times and not necessarily have to buy a complete set all in one purchase.

Successfully incorporating differing colours in bedrooms can be achieved in a number of different ways:

Accent colours

Have an accent colour or two to work alongside your furniture. The accents can flow through your bed sheets, pillows, throws, curtains and even a feature wall. This is a really easy and cost effective way to spruce up and give a new vibe to an existing and maybe dated bedroom. Having an accent colour is also a must in new bedrooms and can be something that is incorporated into your furniture where bedside cabinets or a couple of door or drawer fronts in the accent colour strategically chosen around the room can bring together a theme and really highlight your design flair.

Furniture colours

In new bedrooms when choosing furniture. It is a good idea to incorporate different colours. This can be done in a subtle way with the edging or carcases being a different colour to the drawer and drawer fronts. This works well when wood tones such as Oak or Walnut are matched with dark colours such as greens or blues to give sophisticated look. Match lighter colours and pastel shades with wood to give a relaxed and welcoming feel.

Door and drawer fronts can also be different colours. Why not have all the drawer fronts in one colour and all doors in a different colour? This can be different shades of the same colour to bring depth to the room and furniture or be bold and go for completely contrasting colours and materials. Marrying up coloured doors with rusted doors, metal effect drawers or wooden doors will make your bedroom really stand out. Don’t be afraid to have more than 2 colours, having an edging in one colour and then 2 different colours for doors and drawer fronts look great and show that thought has been put into creating a look rather than just picking from your local Swedish furniture store.

Choosing different colours can also be great for kid’s bedrooms and in fact in any bedroom where you want to showcase a fun and bright space. Introducing bright shades of reds, pinks and blues will show the vibrancy and your character.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer when picking bedroom colours but don’t be afraid to be bold, pick a colour and ensure the theme carries through your room.

By The Jikoni Interiors Team.

Jikoni Interiors