Post-Lockdown Kitchen Makeover Tips…

July 17th, 2020

Post-lockdown kitchen- As we begin to experience light at the end of lockdown and start to creep back into civilisation; it’s no secret that the kitchen has been a source of routine and comfort during these uncertain times so if you haven’t already joined the D.I.Y-ers in completely revamping your home during lockdown, here are some tips on how to inject some new life into your kitchen without spending a fortune.

Tip 1: Brighten up your kitchen with a bespoke glass splashback or aluminium splashback. Splashbacks are an easy and relatively in-expensive way of updating your kitchen, either as a single piece behind a hob or run round the kitchen as an upstand. With hundreds of colours to choose from, including metallic finishes (who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?!) you can create a bright, focal point easily. With bespoke glass splashbacks you can transform a favourite photo or image into a splashback that will bring a smile to your face every time you step foot into the kitchen.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, consider changing some of the cabinet doors for new with a feature colour. Changing cabinet doors is a simple way of updating an existing kitchen without the expense of having to rip everything out and start again. Why not swap the wall cabinet doors for a contrasting colour to the base cabinets, or maybe a wood or concrete finish to add some texture?

Tip 2: Add a pop of colour with carefully chosen accessories to lift your mood and instil a sense of calm. Choose from harmonious pastel colours to vibrant stand out pieces. Updating your kitchen gadgets can transform your space within seconds and complement your kitchen without breaking the bank. How about modern edgy chrome small appliances like a kettle and toaster set?

Tip 3: Another simple and cost-effective way to update a kitchen is to change the cabinet handles. Ensure you select similar size handles if you are swapping bar handles, so you don’t need to drill extra holes or if you have knob handles, maybe switch to a contemporary copper or chrome finish. You could always change your kitchen tap to tie in with the new handles, matching copper, stainless steel or chrome together.

Tip 4: Add a pinch of nature with plants and a sprinkle of scent with aromatic herbs to infuse your kitchen and stimulate your senses. Experiment with different options to create a zen space in your kitchen. Place hanging baskets over your island or sit bonsai trees across your window to create a warm, earthy charm. With all the extra time at home, why not try and create your own herb garden. From fragrant lavender to spicy chillies, growing your own herb garden can be exceptionally handy in the kitchen, not to mention the savings to be made.

Tip 5: Give your kitchen a modern twist with some new lighting. Whether you want to accentuate certain spaces or modernise your kitchen, updating your lighting will add a sense of sophistication to any kitchen. Under cupboard lighting is becoming more popular with LED lighting so even the tiniest of spaces can shine. Why not try plinth lighting – available in both strip LED and spot LED – easy to have installed with minimal disruption to your kitchen. You could even be adventurous and have coloured LED lighting to create different moods!


By Jikoni Interiors

Jikoni Interiors