Light at the End of the Tunnel

April 12th, 2021

We finally see a little hope and a little light- lighting is often overlooked when planning your home’s lighting design, but it is equally important to manage light in different spaces of the room, whether it be in the bedroom, living room or study area. As each room should have its own individuality lighting aspect.


Choosing the right kind of light for around the bedroom will certainly add feature and make you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Reading lamps that are built-in and flexible are ideal for bookworms, so having the ability to move them around when reading and not disturbing your partner if you share a bed is the best way to effortlessly delve into your favourite book.

Having lighting controlled with a smartphone is becoming a popular choice allowing you to control the home lighting via an app, maybe even adjusting the light in the room to change mood.

Living Room

Creating a sumptuous and aura filled atmosphere in the living area with dimmable lights will allow you to create a homely sense, if its movie night, romantic night in, or even if you are hosting to guests- Dimmable lights are the ideal choice for a living room as they are energy efficient and help create an ambient setting any time of the day.

Ceiling Lights and wall lights add feature to a living room creating a beautiful focal point to your room. Pendent lights can create an even distribution of light yet keeping the design modern and minimal, or maybe go extravagant with a cluster chandelier for a tall ceiling in a wider room.

Dining Room

Large Pendent lighting works best for a dining room, or maybe even using small multiple pendent lights in odd numbers.


All kinds of lighting can be used in a kitchen, cabinet lighting, plinth lighting, over cabinet lighting- there are many choices.

Cabinet lighting is a great way to light up the functional area of your kitchen, which will create an ambient and warm atmosphere. There are many things to remember when choosing cabinet lighting such countertops with matte finishes reflect light more subtly and smoothly so there is less glare. Glossy countertops can produce too much glare if the lighting is too bright. Lighter coloured countertops reflect light and dark colour countertops will absorb more of the light. When choosing high gloss cabinets or worktops, dimmable lights work best as they can be adjusted.

Plinth lighting illuminates the flooring offering elegant finish and mood to the kitchen, it can also give the illusion of a floating cabinets or counter, opting for soft warm LED lights will give the kitchen a stylish and modern edge.

Study Area

Having sufficient light may reduce the short-term effects of eye strain and headaches, so working in a room with an adequate amount of light can improve quality of studying, working or reading. Table and desk LED lamps work well as they are fully adjustable and energy efficient.

Pendent lights in a study can add a contemporary and modern look and would save on space if you had minimal desk space.


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